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"Cut then Add" 1/144 Decals.

044 1/144 EA-6B      045 1/144 A-6      046 1/144 F-14A      047 1/144

  • CTA-044 1/144 "Colorful Prowlers" - Grumman EA-6B, 4 Markings, USN.
  • CTA-045 1/144 "Flock of Intruder" - A-6 attack and tanker versions. 9 markings, USN.
  • CTA-046 1/144 "Colorful Tomcats" - Early F-14A, 5 marking options: VF-1, VF-142, VF-211, VF-84, VF-21.
  • CTA-047 1/144 "Welcome to the Jungle!" - USN Aircraft in Green SE Asia Camouflage during Vietnam War, 11 markings.

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